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The founders have extensive knowledge and expertise in this area of ecological applications in a new product design. The strength of the Company's management team stems from the combined expertise in both management and technical areas.

The leadership and alignment characteristics of the Company's management team have resulted in broad and flexible goal setting of excellence in customer satisfaction, quality and reliable products, and superior financial results.

Quality and Environmental Policy

The Company is committed to providing high quality products and service to meet or exceed requirements so as to improve people’s living quality and health.

The Company will carry out its business activities in an environmental friendly manner and will try every means to prevent pollution to the environment.

The management and staff of the Company will work together as a team with full devotion to continuously improving and innovating our products and service to enable us to become the preferred partner of our customers. Our service shall be of high quality, reliable, professional and courteous.

The Company will ensure that all of our activities comply with applicable legal and other requirements to which we subscribe.

We will educate and training our staff to ensure that they are aware of our quality and environmental policy, initiatives and their responsibilities such that they can participate actively in protecting the environment.

We will review environmental performance to ensure that it remains efficient and accommodates any changes in internal and external requirements. Environmental objectives and targets will be set to pursue continual improvement.