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Business has established since 1993. The Company is engaged in providing ecological technology air-treatment system / appliances, odor control devices, environmental and health care products to the business communities for a better quality of life.

We realize our comparative advantages and know to make use of our own special resources and unique features. In addition, we are comparatively more adaptable, when changes arise, we can make adjustments in our capital investment and production structure. This helps us meeting with the ever-changing nature of the market and grasping its trends.

As we move forward to establish our firm in a competitive marketplace, it is important that we stress integrity and commitment. We feel integrity is the main ingredient in running a company. The Company is in business for the long haul. When we work with clients, we are doing more than building a business, we are building our reputation.

The philosophy of the Company has been and continues to be that the customer deserves the very best service. With the improvement and continuous exploration of advance technology / products, the Company will better serve even more of the public.